November Birthdays and Jiu Jitsu Etiquette!


November Birthdays and Jiu Jitsu Etiquette!



Hi Warriors! We have quite a few November birthdays to celebrate, make sure to wish these guys a Happy Birthday the next time you see them in the academy:

Adrian Guerrero celebrated his birthday over the weekend, Happy Belated Birthday!

Taaj Elmarouk turns 11 TODAY! Happy Birthday Taaj, keep training hard don’t let your little brother beat you up!

Angelo Munoz’s birthday is tomorrow November 17th! Happy early birthday big guy, you can’t miss Angelo he’s got the fiercest beard in the whole academy.

David Homan aka the mad scientist celebrates his birthiest of days on November 19th.

John Erlandson aka “Johnny Boy” celebrates his day of birth on November 29th along with Nico Guerrero!!! Happy Birthday guys!

Adults please remember to attend class on your birthday, we have a special treat for you also known as The Gauntlet. Don’t worry, we won’t leave scars!

Cold and flu season is here, please remember to be courteous and stay at home if you are sick so you don’t infect your training partners!


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